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Childhood is the most magical times of our lives; Full of adventure, learning, innocence, and most of all love. It goes by so fast and before we know it our babies aren’t babies anymore. Too often I find myself wishing … Continue reading

Not your adverage buggy ride

When your children have eaten dry cereal for breakfast two days in a row, its probably time to go grocery shopping. Oh how Mia Rose loves Walmart. I’m not sure there are many three year olds who like to sit in the buggy; definitely not this child. Instead of causing a huge scene I usually give in and let her walk beside me. During most walmart trips Mia Rose will have tripped and fallen at least 12 times, I will have had to tell her to come on or hurry up down each isle, We usually get home with a few things she secretly put in the buggy without me noticing, and she will stop and talk to any willing person.  It may be a little bit more of a hassle and take a little bit longer but she loves it so its worth it. Today’s Walmart trip though was a little different. Instead of walking beside me and touching everything she decided to ride in the buggy…

photo(1)Ok so maybe its not how your supposed to ride in a buggy but hey its a start right? Needless to say we got a few laughs even a few hateful looks but she was content and so was I.